Design Thinking

Innovate products observing the user and customer use experience

Co-design: innovate products observing the experience of use of customers and users.

The MIT Design Thinking methodology together with the design FMEA allow us to avoid all the designing process risks. Brainstorming meetings in EISA encourage creativity and ideas’ discussion.

An interdisciplinary team of EISA technicians interacts with the client’s R&D teams and observes users using the product to capture the latent needs and define the specifications. After the ideation of concepts and a prototype phase, we ensure the complete industrialization of the product in a “Build to print” project from the drawing.

Practical Cases

As an Engineering, EISA is multi-technology and multi-industry, although it has developed strong strategic alliances to more effectively reach every specialty.

Electric / electronic vehicle subsystems 

  • Battery Box
  • Heat Sink
  • Other Boxes


  • Armrests

  • Airbag deflectors

  • Others

Solar trackers and their subsystems 

  • Module supports

  • Support reinforcements

  • Levelling brackets

  • Circular housings

  • Shaft joints

  • Drive brackets


  • Cross-bars
  • Horizontal supports
  • Facet structures

Home appliances

  • Induction plate frame design for stamping.
  • Integration of Induction Plate components.