EISA optimizes LCCs sourcing for stamping tools manufacturring: the keyfor maximum global competitiveness without losing first in class stamper ‘s DNA.

Although EISA had been subcontracting stamping dies all over the world for many years, the real challenge was to industrialize this key process in China according to the standards of its inhouse  tooling and without wasting resources on permanent follow up trips.

The approach from the very beginning was to rely on Local Tracking Partners and together make the selection and training of a select group of Approved Toolmakers willing to establish a long-term partnership for the continuous and massive development of dies.

It was key for the Local Tracking Partners to be adapted to the local culture from a western specialization. Therefore EISA relied to undertake this trip on two companies with mixed teams in situ such as Normatec (German Global Leader) and Ategi (Mondragón Group).

EISA was clear that it would buy the Approved Toolmakers directly to ensure their commitment to the values ​​of its final customers. It also established three key competences: the highest technical design competencies, the involvement of the Board in the fulfillment of the promises and the flexibility for the joint search of durable dies.

Finally, it was decided to include in the EISA headquarters a Project Management with large experience in subcontracting in China for the automotive industry.

The tangible results have been a series of projects that can be described as successful LCC models in which great world leaders such as the Volkswagen GroupMagna or Bosch have congratulated EISA for how easy it was to make business together and for the second to none results. In the current global Cold Stamping world, having no surprises is the best news and after this development EISA and its partners in China are prepared to reproduce these models in future projects.