This is a unique press in its environment to address the new challenges of the automotive, home appliances and photovoltaic industries and which will allow the development of all types of metal subsystems including those of high strength steels.

After two years of intense work by the engineers of EISA, the Japanese press manufacturer AIDA and the Basque manufacturer of feeders Lasa Garabi, finally on November 7 the new Industrial Stamping Press (EISA) was inaugurated in its Fuenlabrada-Madrid facilities. In the official act, the mayor of Fuenlabrada, Mr. Francisco Javier Ayala Ortega, delivered a speech in which he confirmed the municipality’s support for industrial development and innovation that companies such as EISA have represented for 50 years and now ratifies with this investment.

This last state-of-the-art press reaches 1,250 tons of force in electronic and progressive transfer. It has an oscillating shear with robotic arm of fast turn to cut trapezoids and thus develop the most complex processes in its 5.5 meters of bolster.

Supplier and BRAND AIDA (JAPAN)
Type of press MECANICA
Tones 1250 Tons
Maximum tool weight alowed 37 Tons
Maximum closing press heigth 1200 mm
Upper bolster measures 5500×2400 mm
Lower bolster measures 5500×2400 mm
Feeder YES
Maximum coil width 1600 mm
Maximum coil thickness 5 mm
Maximum pitch NO LIMIT mm
Maximum blankets weight NA
Maximum coil weight 15.000 kgs
Inner maximum coil diameter 508 mm
Outer maximum coil diameter 1800 mm

It is one of the few installations in Spain of these characteristics of the presses’ manufacturer world leader AIDA and opens the veteran EISA automotive company the doors to of the most complex sets of safety and regulation with steels of very high elastic limit.

With this investment, EISA is committed to strengthening its value proposition based on the co-design of structural parts and “battery boxes” that require for its development crash tests, thermal calculations and advanced assemblies (e.g. riveting, “FSW – friction sir welding ”…).

Several leading global automotive and renewable energy customers have already trusted EISA and at this time numerous projects for the new AIDA press inaugurated are in full development phase in Asia to enter production in a very short period of time.