The special event organized in Fuenlabrada (Madrid) by EISA and TEWER on November 7th, 2019 had about 200 guests representing Directors of European and Asian industry leaders.

The event began with a presentation focused on the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) that enters its decisive phase with the year 2020; The collaboration between trusted partners that provide mastery of various technologies to innovate in sub-systems is presented as the key to success in this time of transformation.

Then Marco Carrascosa (one of the CEO of TEWER) made his prognosis of the global energy landscape in the coming years. Based on precise technical data, Marco identified the hybridization of renewables as the key trend for its ability to accumulate energy for its use and explained how TEWER and EISA contribute to favoring this energy transition through a collaboration between partners that is deep and open to all.

Ricardo Lozano (also CEO of TEWER) closed the speech’s section, explaining how the need to store and use more and more energy in all types of vehicles is transforming in an integral way the conception of new models. The new specifications of dynamic behavior, crash, electromagnetic compatibility, tightness and thermal dissipation require to be approached in a holistic way and with the collaboration of experts of very diverse technologies to confidently confront an electric future of mobility.

After the presentations the Mayor of Fuenlabrada Mr. Francisco Javier Ayala Ortega confirmed the municipality’s support for the industry and inaugurated together with Santiago Ferradas (President of EISA) the new EIDA AISA press unique in the Spanish market to produce complex metal subsystems. Finally, the cocktail served by Embassy and networking took place in a relaxed atmosphere in which there was a photo call and the gift of a unique and unique art work signed in person by the local artist Lara Noriega to commemorate the event.

Many spontaneous testimonies certified the resounding success of the day:

“… spectacular organization with all the details perfectly …” ” Susana Amigó GONVARRI

“…It was a great and thoughtful event and a huge pleasure to join…”. Kaela CPM China

“… A pleasure to share the day with you, your customers and suppliers. Congratulations on your passion and involvement…” ”. Carmen Sendino GESTAMP

“… inspiring and a fantastic opportunity to share feelings with all of you … widely proud as a partner for your achievements …”. ”. Sandra Montes COMETEL

“…These days are necessary and very favorable for the sector…” ” Daniel Sanchez SANCHEZBRAVO