A world of solutions with the best technological and human capacity.


  • Progressive presses from 250 Tn to 1.250 Tn and coils up to 1.600 mm wide and thicknesses up to 6 mm.
  • Automatic transfer of 1.250 tons with coil feed and oscillating shear for trapezoid cutting.
  • Automatic transfer of 800 tons with coil or format feeding and shears for rectangles.
  • Conventional presses for short series.

Tools’ design and construction

We have a fully equipped tool shop for the construction and maintenance of tools and the implementation of geometry changes.

In this workshop we have a professional toolmakers’ team of who each add more than 10.000 hours of experience in tooling.


Robotized welding and clinching cells

We put the latest technology available in the sector at the service of our customers.




In EISA we have the required technology to perform riveting tasks and do all kinds of joints


In EISA we have a multifunctional and versatile Rösler deburring machine ideal for processing and separating, optimally metal parts; also, EISA is able to treat sensitive parts with stringent tolerances.

Coatings and painting

In EISA we have partners throughout Europe approved by the most demanding OEMs that guarantee the best quality in all types of surface treatments: KTL, galvanized, ultrasonic cleaning and all types of painting.