Combining in its perfect proportion the wisdom of a life dedicated to studying the engineering of automotive stamping with the experience and working methods of the world’s leading automotive multinationals, the EISA Management team is committed to leading the metal sub-systems stamping and assembly to its next dimension.

Our culture of innovation and our service mindset turns us the perfect partner to efficiently co-develop and produce complex metal-based sub-systems.

We firmly believe that the innovative design is based on an open and honest conversation between partners.



He represents the company’s ownership’s second generation and, apart from the corporate government and the patrimonial structure, Santiago brings its impressive experience in the main technical decisions and R&D developments. Also, he empowers all the key company’s functions through his more than 35 years of dedication to the automotive requirements fulfillment.

With all this background and experience, since assuming the presidency of EISA Santiago led the total management professionalization with multinational’s management principles to exceed the main automotive multinationals high expectations and achieve diversification in industries and solutions.



In addition to the company’s Finance and Controlling, Marcela’s assignment at EISA includes Purchases and Human Resources. With a solid technical base acquired as an Auditor in Deloitte and as Finance Manager in a consumer goods’ company, Marcela led global Ford Argentina’s global projects (such as the launch of the T 6 Ranger) optimizing component costs and developing suppliers. Subsequently, she successfully held the CFO position of Gestamp Argentina for a decade coordinating the finances of the 5 plants in the country.

Marcela holds a bachelor’s degree as a Public Accountant from the Universidad Católica Argentina UCA and a Master in Finance and Management Control from the UADE School.



Miguel Angel is the client’s voice and eyes in EISA at all levels and always exercises such a responsibility mandate with the utmost rigor and commitment. Moreover, in these 20 years being part of EISA, he has built the entire Quality System, has effectively monitored any risk and, lately, has joined the R&D with enthusiasm, contributing with his enormous baggage.

In addition to his time at CETEMA (Technological Center of Madrid), Miguel Angel has held positions of maximum responsibility in Automotive Quality for leading multinationals such as SKF and Piagio-Vespa.



As Engineering Director, he is the brain and soul of innovation at EISA in new subsystems with the same enthusiasm and creativity of the first day: Miguel has lived and led for 35 years the continuous transformation of EISA to meet and always exceed the expectations of its multinational automotive customers.

His school is the drawing board and then the computer on which he has become an expert in CAD / CAM / CAE. Beyond, he is one of the great experts in the design and construction of all types of complex metal stamping tools, and a recognized guru of the optimal processes conception for obtaining complex geometries and very restricted tolerances. In all this time, his mastery of all the functional areas of an automotive industry (Quality, Production, Toolshop, Logistics, etc.) makes him a benchmark for all EISA teammates and its customers.