EISA’s style Design Thinking: resounding success of its innovator concepts introduced to the world in Munich’s InterSolar 2017.

After a year of intense engineering co-development, EISA globally presents its innovative game changing metal parts designs in the solar trackers’ arena for the photovoltaic large parks at the InterSolar fair in Munich (05-30-2017 to 02-06-2017) .

Through this stamping redesign project of all the solar trackers’ metal parts EISA’s client aimed maintaining or increasing regulation and mobility whilst streamlining lightweight. EISA’s large experience in automotive and its onestopshopping model (covering engineering, dies manufacturing and Lean stamping) made EISA second to none as a partner.

The process included requirements gathering from different key stakeholders (university experts, commercial teams, assembly experts, design engineers …), feature tournaments to choose between contradictory characteristics, design of concepts selected by multiple weighted criteria and, finally, prototyping and intense testing.

The end result is a true product hype that greatly improves the dynamic and economic performance of solar trackers by applying the most advanced automotive technologies in the renewable energy’s industry.